-Arrow keys to move

-'X' to attack, 'Z' to throw shuriken and 'R' to restart the level

Background ambient by Yewbic(, i don't remember the sound name)

2d rain was done using the "Rain Maker" asset(

 Was working on this game for a while but stopped because didn't knew what to do about it any further. It's unfinished but I thought should upload it. It was supposed to be a game where a ninjas enters a ghost village.....

The unity asset package contains the player, enemy, background sprites.


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ANinjasQuest2.unitypackage 569 kB
Assets.rar 519 kB


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Nice one. I always liked shuriken throwing ninja games. My favorite is Shadow Dancer ;) . Add more enemies, make things faster, don't block ninja when throwing, thats it. Thanks for sharing the assets. By the way Assets.rar one is corrupted, maybe you should re-upload that one.

Thank you very much for the suggestions and i will re-upload that file.